Paul’s keen interest in English 17th and 18th century dance music has been recognised in Europe, America and Australia and Faber & Faber has just published his book Sixty Country Dances for the years 1786 and 1800. Paul is currently recording a selection of music from this publication for release in November. He has also edited three volumes of Nathaniel Kynaston dance tunes.

Sixty Country Dance Tunes 1786–1800

A collection of rediscovered folk tunes, made available for the first time since the end of the eighteenth century. Consultant editor and renowned folk musician Paul Hutchinson has curated this edition, bringing together the following original publications:

  • Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1786
  • Cahusac’s Annual Collection of Twentyfour favorite (sic.) Country Dances for the Year 1800
  • Twelve Fashionable Country Dances for the Piano Forte or Harp for the Year 1800

These lively dances are presented as simple single-line melodies that appear alongside beautiful images of the original scores, which include the instructions for dancing. This volume provides an unmissable collection of music from an incredibly rich era of England’s folk music heritage. It will be of immense value to musicians looking for new repertoire and to those interested in finding out more about the history of music at this time.