Paul Hutchinson is an experienced accordion tutor, his residencies include, The English Folk Dance & Song Society, Halsway Manor – the Centre for English Traditional Arts and Benslow Music. He has taught at the following Summer Schools: Marlborough, Dartington, Durham Folkworks and Halsway.

Other venues include Australia National Festival, Canberra; Namest Festival (for the British Council) the Czech Republic; Wren Music; Hands-On Weekends at Witney and Marlborough College.

Paul is not a fan of the standard repetitive oompah style of accordion accompaniment, his mission is to teach alternative techniques that enhance the music. It is because of his unique approach to the instrument that he is in such demand as a tutor. Paul uses a broad range of music for his workshops, from traditional Breton tunes to his own compositions.

More recently Paul has worked with the online community at Inside Out Musician to offer online courses.

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Thank you for organising an excellent workshop. I was concerned that it would be hard to keep up, but Paul manages to meet the needs of weaker players without losing the attention of those who are more able.

It felt as if everyone was stretched and challenged, but in a very encouraging and relaxed way, as if playing should be enjoyable, first and foremost!! 

Such a lovely man who wears his talent lightly; I can’t think of anything to improve the day, thank you for making it happen …a most enjoyable day and fab tunes!

I wish to thank you so much for organising such a brilliant day.

I like that the workshop is a whole day event, makes it sociable and also worthwhile for people traveling a considerable distance. I appreciate that it’s tiring on the brain, but oh so good for us! Perhaps we could have an earlier start and finish time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned loads!

Many thanks for organising it, it was a really good day. Paul has a nice laid back way about his teaching and is able to keep people with different musical experiences and abilities engaged.

Thanks so much for organising a great day. I got a lot out of the workshop and felt I am slowly making progress ! And enjoying it.

Lots of tips and things to think about. I bought the CD, I don’t know if you’ve listened to it, but there are some great tracks on it.

It was a great venue for the workshop and much better that we were sitting in sections.

Many thanks for organising it, it was a really good day. Paul has a nice laid back way about his teaching, and is able to keep people with different musical experience and ability engaged.

It was both fun and helpful to have some rhythm exercises to try with the tunes. I think we may adopt them at our band practices.